Microsoft Word Tutorial (Part-2)

ms word tutorialsDrop Cap
You can have the first letter of the first paragraph with the large or different font.
- Select a word of a paragraph.
- On the Insert Menu, click Drop Cap Submenu.
- Drop Cap Submenu dialogue box will appear.
-Select a position, which you want.
- You can also change the font from the object.
-At last, click on Ok button.

Formatting Paragraph
You can change the alignment and properties of paragraphs.
- Select the paragraph which you want to set.
- On the Page Layout Menu >Click  on  Paragraphs.
- Paragraphs dialogue box will appear.
- Here you can choose the paragraph alignment with left and right indents Spacing above and below the paragraph and even the space between each line.
-In order to set the all paragraph. Click on Ok button.
Working with the lists (Bullets and Numbering)
Add bullets or numbering to selected paragraph and modify the bullets and numbering format. Lists can be of various levels and even a mixture of bullets and numbers,
-Select the lists where you want to add bullets and numbers.
-On the Home Menu, click Bullets and Numbering submenu.
-Bullets and Numbering Library will appear.
-Choose a list style from the dialogue box.
-You can click Document Number Format to further format the list you can choose any kind of bullets and numbering system to use and the position in relation to the text where they appear.
-After finish, click Ok button.
Borders and Shading
To add borders and shading to selected text, paragraphs, pages, table cells or pictures.
1. Select the text or paragraph.
2. Click of the Page Layout Menu > Page Borders.
3. Borders and Shading dialogue box will appear.
4. There are three tabs available (Borders, Page Borders, Shading)
5. On the Border tab , you can insert the border on the selected text or paragraph.
Click on  box from the setting. You can also set the borders in the shadow, 3-d    or custom.
 If you want to change the line style, select the line from the style.
You can change the color and width of the line.
 Click on Ok .
Page Border
-On the Page Border tab, you can insert the border on the pages .
-Click on the box from the setting list.
-In addition, you can change the line styles from the style. 
-If you want to insert the art border, click art dropdown button and select the art .
-Click the dropdown arrow of the measure from and select text .
-Click  on Ok button and again click  on Ok button.
On the shading tab, you can fill the color on the selected text of paragraph.
Insert Pictures
-On the insert menu > Clip on Art.
-Clip Art task pane will appear on right corner of screen.
-Type the picture name and click search button.
-Picture will appear and select one.
Insert Picture from file
-Click where you want to insert the picture.
-Click on the insert Menu>Picture.
-Locate the picture you want to insert.
-Select a beautiful picture.

-Click insert button for insert the picture. 

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