Microsoft Word Tutorial (Part-4)

ms word tutorialsGive the password in your document
If you want to protect your document, do the following.
-Click on the Office Button > Save As.
-Save As Dialogue box will appear.
-Click on Tools option>General Option.
-There are many options available. Among them, you click on the General Option.
-In the Password to open box, type your secret password.
-On the Password to modify box type again the same password.
-Click  on Ok button.
-Again, re-enter the password to open. (You must enter the same password which you already insert on the password to open the box.)
-Click on Ok button and again re-enter the password to modify. (You must enter the same password which is you have already inserted  in the Password to modify Box.)
To change the font from keyboard hotkey
If you want to change in short time while you typing (like Nepali font),you can change the font from the keyboard hotkey. )
-On the Office button>word option.
-Click Customize button>Customize.
-Select the fonts from the categories list box.
-Choose anyone font which you want.
-Press shortcut key on the Press new shortcut key textbox.(You must type shortcut with alt, ctrl, shift key)
-Click assign button.
-Again choose another font whatever you like.(You should define how many shortcut keys are you going to make)
-In addition, click assign button.
-Close the customize dialogue box.
-After you can change the font from the keyboard hotkey.
To increase and decrease the font size
-Select the text or paragraph or whole document. (If you select the whole document Press Ctrl+A)
-Press Ctrl+ [ sign for decrease and Ctrl+] sign for increase.
To change Font, Font Style and Size.
Press Ctrl+D (After Press Ctrl+d you will get the font dialogue box . And you can change the font  .
To make Superscript or subscript
-Select the text, which you want to make superscript.
-Press Ctrl+Shift++sign
-Select the text, which you want to make subscript.
-press Ctrl+=sign.
To use Symbols
-Go to Insert Menu.
-Click symbol Submenu>More Symbol.
-Symbol dialogue box will appear.
-Choose any one symbol, which you like, and insert button.
To print the all active file or selected item.
Click on office button.
Click print submenu.
Print dialogue box will  appear .
First of  all ,select the printer name by clicking on the  dropdown arrow.
Select the page range (all, current, and page)
If you select the page range, type the number of the page on the text box.
Click the properties button.
And select the page size (size must be same with the active page) orientation (Portrait and Landscape)
Click on graphic tab and select the print graphic which you want.
Click  on ok button.
Different view
During the various stages of creation, you might need to look at your document using different views, each suited working in a different way.
Tips : Click on view menu and select the view you want.(Print Layout, full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline , Draft) The Print Layout view suited to create and edit the document.
Autocorrect Option
The Word of Computer is made in English format only if we want to type in Nepali format it occurs many problems in word. At that time we will have to remove the ticks from the Auto Correct Option. The Tips are given below.
-Click on the Microsoft Office Button and then click word options at the bottom of the window.
-Click on the Proofing link at the left pane of the window.
-Click on the Autocorrect Option button. After that you will get the Autocorrect Option dialogue box.
-Remove the tick mark of Capitalize first letter of sentence and Replace text as you type.
-Click on the Auto Format as you type.
-Then remove the tick mark from Straight quotes with small quotes and Hyphens (-) with (-) option.
-Then click on the Ok button.
In Word 2010
-Click on the File tab, and then under word click option.
-Click on the Proofing link located at the left pane of Word option window.
-Click on the Auto correct options button,
-On the Autocorrect tab, select or clear any of the check boxes. Then a dialog box will appear.
-Click on the Auto Format as you type.
-Then remove the tick mark from Straight quotes with small quotes and Hyphens (-) with (-) option.
-Then click on the Ok button.
Shortcut Keys
Ctrl+A =All Select Text
Ctrl+B =Text Bold
Ctrl+C =Copy
Ctrl+D =To open Font Dialogue box
Ctrl+E =Text Center
Ctrl+F =To open Find Dialogue box
Ctrl+G =To open Go to Dialogue box
Ctrl+H =To open Replace Dialogue box
Ctrl+I =To make Italic font
Ctrl+J =To make Text justify
Ctrl+L=Align Text to left
Ctrl+N =To open New document
Ctrl+O =To open Save document
Ctrl+P =To print document
Ctrl+R=Align Text to right
Ctrl+S =To save document
Ctrl+U= Underline the selected text
Ctrl+V= Paste
Ctrl+W=Close file
Ctrl+Y= Redo
Ctrl+Z= Undo
Ctrl+= =Subscript
Ctrl+ Shift+ + =Superscript
Ctrl+Shift +D= Insert Date
Ctrl+Shift +W=Word only underline
Ctrl+T=Insert Time
Alt+F4=Program close
F12=Save As
Shift+f3= lower or higher fonts

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