online earning in india, pakistan tutorialsMost of us do know what to do when a specific problem arises? We often need to take help from others to deal with the problems. Many people nowadays search internet to seek help and most of them get addressed. There are plenty of tutorials, how to’s that guide you to solve your problems in a wise way. In that context to help you guys I have also started some tutorials section where you can find many how to’s and other stuff that will walk you through every steps to solve your problems in an effective and wise way.
In this section you will find many tutorials more related to technology and computer. I have included some Microsoft Office tutorials, there are also some guide on how to earn online in Nepal. Let me make clear at first that the tutorials related to online earning are more based on the significant ways through which we can make some bucks. All the tutorials found in this website are more computer and technology oriented.

My full intention is to make people walk through all sorts of problems arising while dealing with technology and innovations. Here I have also included some tutorials of Microsoft office, to be more précised I have included here tutorials about how to create, edit and modify MS- Excel. Microsoft Excel is a very powerful productive software that helps us to create spreadsheet and keep records of many factors which can be further analyzed, so a good knowledge of MS- Excel is significant.
Furthermore I have also included here some tutorials about the ways and methods through which we can earn some bucks online in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and many other countries. Let me make clear that we do not provide any online jobs but indeed help people by teaching them the methods through which you can earn some bucks online. After you reach the age of active group you need to work and have some bucks for being independent but unfortunately there is great problem of unemployment in most of the Asian countries and if you get the job you need to stay below your boss which may be some time frustrating so, if you are in the same group then online earning is the best option for you. So for that reason I have included some tutorials that may guide you through step by step process of online earning. Let me remind you that to earn online is not the matter of joke, yes you can earn some little bucks with some casual jobs like PTC but to make a huge leap you need some skills like writing skills or in more advance web designing and coding skills.
Most of the people nowadays are earning decent amount through publishing and being a webmaster. You just need a good website and some quality contents with good ranking of your website in the search engines. After getting all these factors you can be the partner with Google and use their Adsense feature to make some bucks. Indeed I have included some tutorials about the perfect way on how to earn from Adsense.  
Many tutorials are derived from various trustworthy sources and indeed help you to solve your problem. So here are some lists of tutorials about online earning in Nepal, Microsoft Office and other stuffs.
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