How to Earn Online In Nepal from YouTube

online earning in nepal monetization of youtube
Most of us use Google products almost every day. We do many searches in Google, watch funny videos in YouTube and many more. But have you ever felt that how nice it would be if you can earn online from this Google products. Yes, you can earn decent amount from YouTube by just uploading some interesting videos.
At the first let me introduce you to YouTube. YouTube is just a video sharing website in which you can upload some good videos and share with the world. YouTube became the part of Google on November 2006 and since then it is flourishing. So you are thinking how can we earn from YouTube? It is simple, as you upload good quality video in YouTube many people will search and view your videos. They will subscribe you and whenever you upload any video they’ll be the first to watch it. As they watch your video Google will fetch them some advertisement through its YouTube Monetization policy and in this way Google will earn some amount which it shares with you. In this way you will earn some decent amount through YouTube.


How To Earn Online In Nepal Without Investment

earn online in nepal without investment
Many people are searching the way of online earning in Nepal. Most of them are still unknown about the real method to earn online, they appeared lost. To earn online in real quantity you indeed need some skills or technical knowledge and without it you cannot earn even a single penny. However for those who do not have any skill or technical knowledge, they can earn some from PTC sites and today I am going to talk about one of these PTC sites and its name is gptplanet.com. At first let us talk about its status.

This site is ranked at 20,888 in Global ranking, bounce rate is 20.6%, daily page view per visitor is 11.8% and daily time on page is 4:58.


Earn Online In Nepal From FuseBux

online earning in nepal
FuseBux is another online earning PTC site from which you can earn a decent amount. Like all the other PTC sites this site also take some time but it is good one for them who want to earn online without any investment and much more effort. If you do not have any skills like of developers, writer and designers then this FuseBux can be a good option for you to earn online. Just the simple thing you need to do is Register here on FuseBux and start to earn. With the tap of your fingers you can make some cents in one day. At first it may be difficult but all the thing that result your earning is your determination. Just go for it and you will succeed.The threshold payment of this site is of $4.

Some important features of FuseBux are:
You can rent the referrals and earn much more. Similarly


How To Make More Scores In Flappy Bird

online earning in nepal
Do you play the most hot and frustrating game in your phone? Yes, I am talking about the flappy bird. This is the game that made me sick and bit rude. I will say it more frustrating than enjoyment. If you are also the victim of flappy bird then you are in the right place. In this post I am going to talk about some cheats and methods of making high score in flappy bird. I will also talk about some new challenges in flappy bird and alternatives of flappy bird. Dong Nguyen the developer of flappy bird had made some discrimination and this discrimination can be felt when you play flappy bird in ios and android. We can clearly feel the difference that in android the flappy bird is comparatively more easier than ios. So the android user you have great chance to score more.
The following points should be adopted while playing flappy bird in order to score high:


What’s The Reason behind the Victory of The Seahawks and failure of 49ers?

Pete Carroll(Coach of the Seahawk)
The Seattle Seahawks, famous American Football franchise defeated 49ers leading the fans of 49ers to disappointment. Now it’s time to search where was the mistake made by 49ers and the reason behind the victory of The Seattle. We have found the fans of 49ers very much disappointed and shocked for such an unexpected result but no one knows the future anything can happen at any moment so game is played.  We can consider the victory of Seahawks as a nice turnover and take it as a
new challenge for the 49ers. For the fans never give up your supports to your favorite because you are the one who makes the sinking ship rise on the surface and the vice versa. So carry on with your favorite and enjoy the matches. So I probably never put any bets on the matches because I have experience how hard is it to lose the money and look the failure of your favorite. Now let’s move towards the reason why Seahawks get a day dream victory.


Why I should prefer a dedicated server?

In this modern world information and technology has changed the way we live. Everything is digitalized and one of the most important factor is world wide web. Now days every information is accessible through www just by a simple click you can get the information of everything from anywhere. But this easiness has lead to serious question of security. If you are running a cool business on internet then you must know about the fact that how important is it to protect your data from the hackers of the world. Well it is quite challenging task to protect your data from hackers if you have a normal hosting. Now in today’s digitalized business environment dedicated server has played a great role because it protects you from being hunted.


MS-Excel Tutorial (Part-2)

ms excel tutorial
Editing Cell Content
When you enter new information in the formula bar, you can edit it before you press the enter key. You can delete characters using the backspace key. You can also move the insertion point with the arrow keys and either insert text by typing or delete text by pressing the Delete of Backspace key.
-Click on a cell. The cell will be highlighted.
-Click in the Formula bar to place the insertion point in the entry. You will now be able to insert or delete text.