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How can you earn from your articles, posts, templates, spreadsheets? The answer of these questions is listed
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DocCash is new initiatives of DocStoc in partnership with Google, using their Adsense API they provide the opportunity to share the ads revenue from Google Ads displayed in your documents. Upload documents at DocStoc and whenever clicks on your ad displayed in your documents you are going to make money. It is that simple.
To get started, sign up for DocStoc. It is quick and easy not a fussy job and 100% secure.
If already had an Adsense account then you can associate that existing account with your DocStoc profile. If you don’t have an Adsense account then you can set up easily from DocStoc. If you are making Adsense account then fill up the form with correct information and submit your document right at the moment this will help to get your Adsense Account approved by Google. If you are already a member in DocStoc simply click Try Now button in the DocCash panel at home page to get started.
The more documents you upload the more money you will make. You can directly upload from DocStoc at the upload page or try the tools to upload from your desktop. There are millions of people visiting DocStoc every month. So you make sure that your documents are viewed by many people and you make more money and this possible if you follow these steps:
Like always upload quality contents: - As everyone knows quality contents are why important.  Obviously to drive traffic. Adsense wants to publish its contents on those contents having huge traffic and daily unique visitors so to get your Adsense approved and also to get more viewers to your documents for heavy revenue. Quality contents are important.
 Make sure to have descriptive titles:- Descriptive titles are very much important as it describes the whole content of your document and makes your viewer easily know about your contents. It also helps in search optimization and easy location of your contents.
A lot of tags to your documents: Tags also helps in finding your contents for the viewers. So just put as much tags as you can but make sure you make tags related to you documents and make it somewhat straight forward and specified.
 Make sure you categories your documents so that it is easily discovered by others: Yes, it is important to categories your document because it helps in easy sorting and better access to the viewers.
Once you have finished uploading your documents start promoting them. You can easily them at your twitter, Facebook and to your friends via email.
In DocStoc you can share all kinds of documents. Some of the most popular documents include templates, presentations, forms, worksheets, government reports, sample letters, public domain books, etc but make sure to share only those documents which are legal to share and not issued by copyright. Your account may be removed for the violation of its terms and policy.
DocCash is the easy way to make money. Just start uploading your document right know and see how your documents let you to earn a lot of passive revenue every month. So to start earning online today by just sign up by visiting www.docstoc.com