SEO tips and tricks for blogger, wordpress
Nowadays a good ranking website is very much important for almost every online business to
success. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to rank our website in a good position. People use Google to search many things almost every day. It is not the Google who addresses your searches queries but it is the publisher who make appropriate contents related to your searches and based on certain algorithms Google just keep them in list. So as you can see in every searches you find some title, summary and clickable link kept in certain order. This rankings are totally based on Google’s Algorithms so we cannot do anything about it but we can make our website capable of holding the top position. So here comes the job of SEO. Every webmaster must have good knowledge of SEO for better ranking of his website. There are many ways of making your website search engine friendly like some old methods are including meta- tags, customizing permalinks and many more. In this section of my website I am going to include some basic and also some important ways of making your website search engine friendly for a top ranking.
Once again let me remind you that SEO is very much important for every webmaster who is starting his online business. So, if you are planning to start an online business SEO is significant topic you need to understand broadly. Though the concept of SEO may be difficult at first but after you gain basic knowledge you will it easy and interesting. If you master in SEO, then there is a chance of being hired by well-known companies as a SEO expert with a decent salary because there are many companies doing business online and they need someone who can assist them in the online business competition. So, gaining knowledge of SEO is not bad and is profitable for your career too.
There are many ways of SEO, some people try tools to optimize their website but you need to spend many bucks to buy those SEO softwares although there are some free SEO tools but they are not that effective. However you can make a good search engine optimized website without using any tools or software but by manually implementing some SEO tricks and tweaks. Most of the webmaster believe in keeping meta-tags and manipulating keywords however these all are old tricks that may work or may not because the algorithm of Google changes in every year. So you may need some good, sustaining SEO tricks that you can manually implement in your website for better ranking. Based on my online researches and eBooks I have gained some knowledge about SEO and in this section of my website I going to share some SEO tips and tricks that you can implement in your website for better ranking and I am doing this free of cost because I believe that information should be free of cost. Hope my effort will be fruitful for you. Indeed if you have any queries you can contact me through the contact page and I will try my best for solving your problem.

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