Microsoft Word Tutorials (Part-1)

ms word tutorials

Ms-Word 2010 is one of the powerful programs by using which we can create a document ,such as business and personal letters, thesis and so on.
Page Setup
To set the size of the page.
-Click on the Page Layout menu > Click Page Setup submenu.
-Page Setup dialogue box will appear.
-There are three tabs. (a)Margin b) Paper c) Layout)
-On the paper tab, you can choose a predefined paper size such as letter or A4 or specify a height and width for the page.
-On the Margins tab, you can choose Portrait or Landscape orientation.
Page Margins
You can also set the Page Margins
Click on the Page Layout menu > Page Setup.
Under the margins tab, simply choose how wide the margin on each side of the page should be like (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right).
Header and Footer
Header and footer are repeating elements that appear at the top a bottom of every page in the document. They are especially useful for making letterhead and numbering pages etc .
-Click on Insert Menu >Header and Footer.
-Click edits Footer or Header.
Note: You can also add graphics and even automatic fields such as page number or author name. Insert Page Numbers that automatically update when you add or delete pages.
Insert page Number
 To insert page numbers that automatically update when you add or delete pages.
-Click on the insert menu >Page Number.
-Page Number dialogue box will appear.
-You can choose the position where you want to insert the page number. (Bottom of page or top of page)
-Choose the alignment of the page number (Right, Left, and Center).
-You can change format of the page number from the format button.
-Click Ok button.
Watermarks are used for Web pages and are only visible in the web layout view. You would use watermark for printed documents. You can also add a watermark color of pictures.
-On the page Layout menu > Click Watermark > Custom watermark>Printed Watermark  .
-You will be able to see the watermark in the background when in Print Layout view.
Formatting Characters
Most of the characters formatting options are available on the formatting toolbar in Office XP. You can choose the font size, color and basic styles for the characters from here. You can access more formatting function from Home Menu.
-Select the word, characters, or Paragraph.
-On the Home Menu, click font submenu.
-Font dialogue box will appear.
-There are two tabs available . (Font and Character Formatting)
On the Font Tab, you can apply effects such as Shadow, Strikethrough, Outline, Superscript, Emboss etc.
-On the Character Spacing Tab, you can change the characters scale position and spacing.
-After that, click Ok button. 

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