How can I make money online in Nepal

how can i make money online
How to make money online? In this post I have included the best five ways to make money online. This is the most popular topic in the web today. I got through the forums and online webinars and found that the topic is really impressive and I began to search new methods and tips or tricks to earn online.
I have collected all mine information and kept in this site for everyone interested to make money online and hope that for the newbie it may be the treasure of gold.
So now let’s talk about the five best ways. I know that why you want to make money online and I also know that it is not the matter of joke. I know you have tried bunch of ideas that you found on the internet to make money online and may be some had succeed and many have failed. Well due to this fact I provided the guide in this site to make online. Teenagers of today do not want to make money by moving their legs so they try some easy way of making money online just by sitting behind the computer. Well the best five ways of making money online are:
5. Make a website:
Now the most common and easiest way you can do is to set up a blog like Google’s blogspot or blogger or anything like that. It is really easy and probably the easiest way making money online. So here are the couple of tips when you set up a blog. Look! Guys no one is interested with your personal life so do not include anything personal in your blog like way you spend picnic, best places you visited, best things you eat. This seems selfish but it is the fact. People go online only for three things they are entertainment, humor and knowledge. Just keep it in mind and post then I am sure that people are going to read your blog much more. If you want to take a step up from blog then start creating forum. Now for making forum if you don’t know any programming language then the software for this is free just Google it and you can find one of them. Creating forum is much more engaging and promising then the blog. Now after getting your forum and blog set up. How can you make money from it? The way is Google Adsense. Now how it works. Google Adsense takes the ads from the company who pays it and places it in your blogs/websites and for every promotion of the advertisement it pays you from the income it has generated. That’s how you make money from website.
4. Online Gambling:
earn from online gambling
Now this can be the best or the worst way to make online but I don’t want to take chance. The three best ways to make money from online gambling is Poker, betting on sports and playing backgammon. Anything you are good at you can probably make money out of it. So if you are good at any out of this then you can probably win. Well you can also use bingo or slot machines to make money online but only you need is a kind of skill that helps you to make money online consistently.  Now the tips on online gambling is use such site that are like casino not the one that runs gambling just for fun and entertainment.
3. Ebay:
Well this the best way of making money online. Do you have old boots, old cell phones or some useless books? Look around your home and pick one of them and just sell it on the ebay. There are people interested in buying such old stuffs. I don’t know why? But they are interested on what you are not so take a chance. Now the tips on selling goods on ebay is you need to be bold and have free shipping because anything for free people is interested on it.
2. Make A YouTube Video:
This is probably much people do. Just make a YouTube account and put some interesting videos, must probably tutorials well no matters you can put the videos of anything you like. Here the chicks have a good time. They can just take a camera and talk on it no matter what they talk about but the hot chicks really have good viewers but if the same thing is done by the guys then it is little bit harder for them. So they need to be much more creative. You can make the videos hot topics in web, something tutorials or some funny, humorous items.

1. Selling Apps Online:
earn by selling apps online
This is the No.1 way to make money online not because it is the easiest way but because it is the most effective way to make money online. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea on making money online then you can just seek the help of freelancers in Odesk, Elance or any other freelancing site where you can find plenty of people from worldwide. Just say them your idea and they will make the app for you. Make sure to have an impressive idea because a bunch of idea is better than a good idea. After having your app sell it online and earn forever. It is simple enough.
So guys these were the best five ways of making money online. I hope you guys get some idea and keep in touch for more details.

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