Earn Online In Nepal By Playing Games

make money online in nepalI think you have heard about the video game tester and might have even Google it. Well video game tester is a person who tests the new video games, make surveys and make forecast how the video game is accepted the people.
Many people think the job of video game tester is simple. Just they need to play and earn but it is not so simple like other job. It doesn't seem as simple as it sound and may be you need to have a hard time by being a video game tester.
What difficulties may you suffer from being a video game tester? Well there are many difficulties like in being a video game tester there is no privacy and security of your word, you may have some tough tasks like taking surveys of people in large area, spending hours playing a single game, helping in promotion and many more.
Similarly you can also suffer from dominating working condition and probably you can be blamed. It is really a tough job to stay testing a single game for a long period time. You get tired sitting at one place for a long time. Just for 10-12 dollars per hour a video game tester must have to be isolated from the social life and be determined in testing the beta games. That’s not digested, isn't it? But some people do it because they are determined to earn. And it’s bad to earn by selling your work, isn't it? What do you think now is being a video game tester a good job? This is hypothetical questions right.
Now where can you find the impressive video game testing jobs? Well in this case I am little fussy because there are many scams out there and I guess many of you have already been victimized. Isn't it? Right so I guess you find your video game testing job yourself. How can you do that? Well for this you need increase your contact with your friends so that they can inform you whenever there is any such hot topic, similarly you need to read the newspapers as most of the vacancy for video game testing job are published in newspapers. Similarly you need to be in touch with the famous game developing companies like Microsoft Xbox, Playstation, Codemasters, etc just visit their site regularly and search for beta testing. I guess you can have any one at any time.
If we talk about video game testing job then it is not the bad idea as you can have a plenty of bucks. So what qualifications you need to be a good, renewed video game tester. Just you need to be an old guy in gaming with tons of experience and with positive attitude towards gaming. You need to have a good device to play all sorts of games. You need to have some passions on video games testing then only you can justice this job otherwise this is really a tough task.
So video game testing is one of the ways of online earning and to be a video game tester can make a bright future of yours in programming and gaming industry. Just you need to have good passions.

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