Earn in Nepal through Ad Networks

Hey guys if you have a site or blog do not waste it as it can be a money machine which can generate money
make money online in nepal without investment
even when you are sleeping. So guys use your blog or site to earn many Nepalese do not know how to earn money from their sites or blog well there are many ways monetizing your blog or website and the best one is ads publishing and secondly affiliate marketing. Well ad publishing is slightly advance and complicated where it uses some algorithms to calculate the revenue that you can earn. Most of the ad networks use PPC method (Pay per Click) and few others use the CPM (Cost Per Mile) method. In this particular CPM method you get paid for every 1000 impressions or click that you site get.
So, blogs or site having good traffic can earn good amount from this method. You can earn a good amount from the CPM methods. Just you need a good website or blog with heavy traffic this can really rock your world and no need to worry about finance just your blog or site can work as your money machine I really call my blog MM which means money machine. Just believe me its really fun to earn online after you get a right path and and good direction and the Ad Networks have really made online earning simple.
Some CPM ad networks which pays you high revenue are:
1. Tribal fussion: This is mine favorite because Tribal fusion is more suitable for the bloggers who have at least 500000 unique visitors per month. They really pays you 55% of the net revenue. You may analyze your ad performance in your site using their vast collection of analytic code.
2. Vibrant Media: Well it is CPC ad network which usually serves text ads and ads in the formats like banners, pictures,etc.
3. Technorati Media: I think this is the best for those who are not getting their account approved for a long time. It is easy to get approved in Technorati but you get your payments only after 2 months when your income reached the least payout.
4. CPX Interactive: This is another CPM ad network which serves more than 30 million impressions to more than 50 nations every month. To get approved you may need more than 300000 unique visitors per month.

5. ValueClick Media: This provides you multiple way of earning i.e. by publishing ads, referring friends or by using affiliate marketing. It is a venture for the owners of Commission Junction.

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