Adsense Tips For Nepal

So guys I think it is clear what is Adsense? The Google Adsense it the great service provided by Google to the website owners to earn their revenue. It can be the best source of collecting revenue or earning online in Nepal. Adsense approval is not easy due to strict evaluation of Google Adsense team not all the bloggers and website owners get their website or blogs approved for the Google Adsense so indeed it's bit difficult
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option of online earning in Nepal. I choose Adsense and for the first time I get disapproved for the reason of insufficient content, second time I was disapproved for the reason of copyright content, third time I was disapproved for the reason of unacceptable content but I did not give up. Again fourth time I was disapproved for the violation of Google Adsense guidelines.
I was broken now I cooled myself searched my mistakes and  finally I get approved for the fifth time and I am earning good amount from the Adsense now.
Well in this condition I got many experiences in how to get your site approved from Adsense so this are the ways
1. To get your site approved by Adsense team you should have a good quality domain. It should be a top level domain example: sitename.com rather than name.mainname.com.This is the reason given on the basis on my experience. If you have a top level domain then you get approved faster even though you have a little post. If you talk about BlogSpot, Google also approves .blogpost domain as BlogSpot is one of the services of Google but from the BlogSpot also it is not simple you should need a good blog with rich contents and high traffic then you get approved.
2.Secondly you should write the contents of your site in a Adsense supported languages and now I think Adsense supports only 33 languages you can find the detail about this in the Adsense guidelines or policies.
3. Thirdly,I felt and I heard too that the age of your domain also determines the approval of your Adsense account. Some says that you should have 6 months old domain to get your site verified. But if your site get a high traffic on the beginning onwards on the basis of high traffic then you can get your account approved.
4. Fourthly,you know that best contents in the sites sums up good impression on Google Adsense and you can get you Adsense account get approved very fast. I think it is best if you can give 40-50 good and rich articles with heavy traffic. Make sure that the contents on your site are not the copied one and it is sure. Avoid plagiarism and write your own good contents because I know the result of copying other's articles, I swear you get badly disapproved.
5. The fifth condition is that the conditions and details that you provide to the Adsense team while submitting the application is 100% correct. Just provide you correct information and go through the application form twice before submitting your application. This can help to remove or correct errors.
6. Sixth, is the management of your site. Make a simple site with easy navigation and graphics do not spend much time to add graphics to your site because the thing that Adsense looks and wants is the written articles of your site. Remember your site is reviewed manually by the Google Adsense team before approving as the audience do while visiting your site so good, simple and easy navigation is very much necessary and also remember that your site do not contain adult contents and also the contents that create violence between two parties.
So keep patience and be determined to earn online in Nepal with Google Adsense.


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