Make Money Online In Nepal By Selling Your Photographs

best sites to earn online in nepalDo you have a camera or are you good at snapping cool photographs or photography is your hobby then you can earn money from your hobby. Indeed you can earn well bucks in Nepal from your photographs. Really everyone has smart phones and cameras nowadays with them in every moment and this can be a great opportunity to earn online. Online earning in Nepal is never easy but the real Gorkhali always love challenges so here is one of the best way to earn online in Nepal by selling your photographs.

The trend of making blog post or developing any projects are increasing which also increases the need to amazing pictures so there is need of something that can organize those necessary photographs and in this way the method of selling and gaining in photography increased. There are many websites that provides you the opportunity to earn online and in this post I am going to talk about some interesting sites from which you can earn online in Nepal:-
Veer is probably the best site to make money online. You can earn different amount and this depend on the size of your photo. It sounds unbelievable that you even get $5+ for a single photo to be downloaded but it is true sell extra large amazing and incredible photo and you can earn such a large income. In general you can earn $0.35 per photo. The bad side is you will be paid only after your account has $100 minimum. So you can try this.
Now Alamy is going to make you stare with its incredible 60% revenue sharing offer. Yes, I am writing right you are going to get 60% of the revenue from each photo of yours and the best thing is that you are not going give them all sorts of right. The photo you sold on Alamy can be sold to other re-seller. Well this can be the best site to earn online in Nepal.
In general Istock Photo gives you 15% royalty rate for each of your photo but once your download exceeds by 250 with minimum 50% approval then you can exceed your rate to 22%-45% and like Veer here also you need to have minimum $100 for payouts.
In Big Stock Photo you can earn $0.50 for every credit that the client spend on your photo in this way you can sell your credits or even you can get $3 per download. If you provide additional rights then indeed your price also increases and the minimum payout is $30. So you can try it.
These were the top sites from which you can make money online in Nepal with photography. Also you can have fun travelling and in addition capturing beautiful, jaw dropping scenes of Nepal and sell it to have some bucks so that you can plan new tour and have the worth of it.


  1. I love photography but have no Idea about how to earn some money from it but I got the solution in your post really nice keep on posting more and thanks

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  3. I love photography but have no Idea about how to earn some money