How To Earn Online in Nepal With Fiverr

Here Fiverr is my best site to earn online in Nepal because
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it is easy, simple and you can have fun too. Fiverr can be the best solution to earning online in Nepal. Online earning in Nepal is not the easy task since the backwardness of the country and many other reasons but the trend of online earning is increasing gradually in Nepal. Many people today are interested in online earning and the best solution can be the Fiverr. Fiverr is simple sites where you can generate incomes by performing any task and any one can participate in this program just you need a creative ideas.

To earn online in Nepal Fiverr can be the right one. Just you need is to make an influencing account on Fiverr with attractive profile and many more, then you need to post good gigs now the entire process is based on the way you post gigs so you need to be quite careful in posting gigs I am soon going to post how to write good gigs for Fiverr. In Fiverr you are going to earn $5 but the total you get is only $4 for the completion of any gigs here $1 is deducted by Fiverr well it is appreciable. Another thing you need to know about Fiverr is in Fiverr you can get many orders from various people but the thing you need to keep in mind is don’t be evil do not try anything fraud and always serve your client with exact what they want.
Now I am going to talk about the best category for enough income. Here the best category is about programming  and tech this is the best category from which you can earn well, yes you need to have some technical training for that and in this category the client are even ready to pay more. Likewise another good category is writing and translation where you don’t need to be highly tech just you need is creativity then the other category is designing here you can do any designing from simple sketching to complex graphic design so you can see here Fiverr is really versatile and trust me I have also earned from Fiverr a good amount though nowadays I am not doing any gigs due to lack of enough time.
Well in that case Fiverr can be the best source to earn online in Nepal likewise the payouts of Fiverr is from Paypal well Paypal is not working in Nepal so you can use other methods to withdraw money from Paypal and soon I am going to post on how to withdraw money in Nepal  so be in touch.

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